2D Designs Vs 3d Designs – The Tussle Is Getting More Interesting

Everyone of us is aware what is two dimensional or 2D designs and three dimensional or 3D designs are. Now here we are not going to define the two. Rather here we may have some discussion on the little tussle of 2D and 3D in their use. The present generation is found to be more used to the 3D designs for some of its better approaches whereas 2D is still not an obsolete form. We can say all over the world the presence of 2D designs is vast for its easy acceptability.

So here we may have a look at the very competition of the 2D and 3D in their use and may simply know how both the designs are popular and accepting to the users.

  • The CAD or the (computer aided design) has great use of 2D and 3D. Basically for technical design and drafting the CAD is used. In the basic level the 2D designs come in use. But slowly it is found that for better understanding of the designs nowadays, the designers are using 3D designs.
  • Plainly speaking 3D designs are getting popularity for fields where visualization is very much important. Particularly for scientific and business graphics 3D is gaining its stand. Previously charts and images (geo-satellite images, economic or statistic graphs) used to be in 2D designs. But know to make things more clear 3D is being used.
  • In the field of education still today if there is any design coming in use for better understanding first come the 2D designs. But again to make the total process one step friendlier the educationists are trying to make the use of 3D designs. And these are coming helpful.
  • For website designing purposes still today the immense popular designing is 2D designs. There is hardly the complete use of 3D if not particularly the partial use for special purposes. There are some limitations of adaptability in websites for 3D designs. Again it is very much expensive too.
  • Entertainment is the sector where the use of 3D is highly popular. Let it be the cartoons or the movies formerly it was the 2D designs in use. But to make the things more realistic and worth engaging, the people behind these vast sector is increasing the use of the 3D designs. And people are accepting these effects. Though the development is on the way.

Hopefully you understand that 2D and 3D are almost equally in use. Here I have tried to put down the whole matter as designs, taking design and animation alike. My purpose is to show the popularity of one against another. After reading the points you may feel the use of 3D designs are gaining the place of 2D. But precisely saying there can not be anything through which the 2D designs can be replaced. Both are functional in particular point of use. It is up to the users to take the help of either.

Summery: There are hundreds of points in support of 2D designs and 3D designs. We think that one is making the other obsolete! But it is not the case. It is up to you to decide which one you have to use for your purpose. I have tried to show where 3D is gaining popularity against the 2D. Before you decide the use of the either you must know the field of their use.