3 Main Features That Make A Winning Logo Design?

In this article, we will cover up ingredients that constitute a winning insignia design. First and foremost thing one needs to understand is the purpose of the design. So let us go through it first, and then we will discuss other aspects too.

What is a logo?

In simple words, it is an image that perfectly defines the vision, mission and goal of the company. It helps to create brand identity in the market. Good brand identity will eventually lead to rapid growth and quick profit. So, it is extremely important to have good brand image as it will help you to standout from competitors.

What is The Purpose of it?

The main aim of it is to create positive brand image in eyes of the customer. Just by having a look at the motif the customer will understand what product and Service Company provides. Design that fails to convey this is not an effective one. It is very vital that every company should take designing earnestly. A good emblem design will lay down the foundation stone for success of the company.

Let us go through three basic elements that constitute a winning design.

1. Eye Catching and Simple to understand

Almost all big leading brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Dell, Nike, Audi, Google, and Yahoo have simple eye-catching design. All the big players have focused on the simplicity of the emblem. Advantages of simple insignia concept are following.

A.Easy to remember.

B.Creates no confusion over images, text or colors.

C.Customer feels connected with the company.

Every designer throughout world believes in the concept of simplicity and has termed it as the first requisite for a winning insignia design.

2. Expresses the Purpose of the Company

As we have discussed earlier too, a good emblem needs to convey the message of the company to the consumer. It may have beautiful images and perfect color incorporation, but if it cannot deliver principal message that the company intends to deliver to the customer then this design is useless. Expert too considers it as a failed design. One good example of a good design is the Tick/Check of Nike logo. This check sign means simply the best. It is for people who are looking for the perfect pair of shoes.

3. Flexible Dynamics

Flexibility is a very important characteristic of a good insignia design. So, it is important to avail services of design companies rather than opting for novice designer. The emblem should look good on everything.

A winning design is original, creative and inspiring. It is designed taking into consideration the target customer, geographical area (in some case) trend of the market and even the emblem of competitors. Logo designing is not simply an art it is a professional that requires immense knowledge expertise and skills in designing.