Interior Design Trends For 2010

Trends are extremely short-lived, and they keep on changing from time to time. Few years ago, green colour was very much common due to the increased awareness of global warming, and it became a symbol for saving our dear earth. Each year brings in new trends, which mark the beginning of the New Year. Year 2010 has brought many eye-catching trends, which are not only admired by individuals, but are rapidly adopting those new interior designs.

Interior designers are moving towards old traditions, as according to them, “old is new again”. Antiques and vintage pieces add life to a living space and makes interior of your house or workplace attractive. Thrift stores are the best place to look for cheap antique pieces which look extremely unique.

Rudiments of earth, linked to the resources of earth, are also in trend this year, as they are reflected in colours, deriving from plants, minerals and dirt. Tones are creating a matchless beauty, and rooms based on specific colour themes of light green and ocean blue give a pleasing impact to an individual.

Staying close to the real styles is one of the main characteristics of Interior design trends for 2010. Decorators are more into woods and metals. Wooden flooring and metallic cabinets and cupboards are “in” as compared to fully painted cabinets and carpeted flooring.

There was a time when wallpaper was common and liked by everyone, but gradually it lost its attraction, and people moved towards painted walls and ceilings. As history repeats itself, so once again wallpapers are “in”, and special patterns mainly in the colour shades of greens, blues, mustard and bronzes are becoming increasingly popular. Wallpapers create a visual impact in the room and break the monotonous outlook. These are extremely eye-catching and give a pleasurable affect.

Be bold! This is one of the mantras being used by interior decorators in establishing the new interior trends of the year 2010. Big wall hangings and picture frames are “in”, but one thing should be kept in mind that not too many wall pictures or decorative hangings are placed together, as they make the place look smaller and congested. Rugs are also “in” and placed as wall hangings as well as on floors.

Glamour and risk taking designs are very much in fashion in the year 2010, and people are looking forward to making their houses and workplaces unique and different from the typical looks. Interior designers have kept their fingers crossed as they believe that the mushrooming sense of optimism will be reflected in individuals as well as their surroundings, which best explain personality of the individuals.

In short, year 2010 is a year of new innovative designs and techniques. People are moving towards antique decorative pieces, whereas wallpaper is once again in trend with touch of ground-breaking patterns. Interior decorators want to reflect the individual moods into their homes and workplace, so one is not restricted to follow the styles entirely, rather people can bring changes to their living spaces according to their own tastes.

Reasons Why Studying Fashion Design Courses Is Recommended

Very fast-paced and demanding, the fashion industry can be absolutely brutal. To top it all off, it also overflows with attitude and is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you insist on making it there, you need to thicken your hide.

The competition is cut-throat, and there are always plenty of people who while away their minutes looking for things to snark on. Make a wrong move and the critiques alongside less qualified pseudo experts will slash your dream into ribbons and leave its carcass on the wayside for other vultures to feed on. It’s virtually like a feasting of the Dementors in more attractive garb. If you plan to be really good at your job, one of the things you need to do is to further your skill and knowledge by taking the appropriate fashion design courses. These classes allow you to accurately channel your creativity and talent toward the right direction to best make use of the opportunities offered by the fashion world. Some of the possible courses are colour theory, construction technique, costume design, and design sketching.

The list is actually very extensive, and it’s really up to the individual which classes to take advantage of. Naturally, fashion design courses offered in the fashion capitals of the world are the best ones to take. When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of countries and cities that most people look up to. These have always been the standards.

If you can take design courses in these cities, you can be greatly equipped to forge on with your fashion dreams. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a designer to have a career in fashion. A really popular profession in fashion these days is that of an online stylist. We know there are professional stylists out there, and we know that celebrities are able to look awesome because of them.

However, not many of us are aware that their services are now also available online. You’d think it would be hard to advise on fashion when you can’t see a client in person, but a personal stylist online can find ways to go around this issue and still equip you with a winning look and a way to get to the clothes, shoes, and accessories you need. You no longer have to find or hire any stylist you see somewhere because you now have an option online. You can check here to know more.

3 Main Features That Make A Winning Logo Design?

In this article, we will cover up ingredients that constitute a winning insignia design. First and foremost thing one needs to understand is the purpose of the design. So let us go through it first, and then we will discuss other aspects too.

What is a logo?

In simple words, it is an image that perfectly defines the vision, mission and goal of the company. It helps to create brand identity in the market. Good brand identity will eventually lead to rapid growth and quick profit. So, it is extremely important to have good brand image as it will help you to standout from competitors.

What is The Purpose of it?

The main aim of it is to create positive brand image in eyes of the customer. Just by having a look at the motif the customer will understand what product and Service Company provides. Design that fails to convey this is not an effective one. It is very vital that every company should take designing earnestly. A good emblem design will lay down the foundation stone for success of the company.

Let us go through three basic elements that constitute a winning design.

1. Eye Catching and Simple to understand

Almost all big leading brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Dell, Nike, Audi, Google, and Yahoo have simple eye-catching design. All the big players have focused on the simplicity of the emblem. Advantages of simple insignia concept are following.

A.Easy to remember.

B.Creates no confusion over images, text or colors.

C.Customer feels connected with the company.

Every designer throughout world believes in the concept of simplicity and has termed it as the first requisite for a winning insignia design.

2. Expresses the Purpose of the Company

As we have discussed earlier too, a good emblem needs to convey the message of the company to the consumer. It may have beautiful images and perfect color incorporation, but if it cannot deliver principal message that the company intends to deliver to the customer then this design is useless. Expert too considers it as a failed design. One good example of a good design is the Tick/Check of Nike logo. This check sign means simply the best. It is for people who are looking for the perfect pair of shoes.

3. Flexible Dynamics

Flexibility is a very important characteristic of a good insignia design. So, it is important to avail services of design companies rather than opting for novice designer. The emblem should look good on everything.

A winning design is original, creative and inspiring. It is designed taking into consideration the target customer, geographical area (in some case) trend of the market and even the emblem of competitors. Logo designing is not simply an art it is a professional that requires immense knowledge expertise and skills in designing.

Why Following The Middle Path Is The Best Approach In Website Designing

The website designing industry is moving swiftly on the path of progress. With the passage of time, different revolutionary technologies are coming to the surface. The designing has also taken a leap in the forward direction with most of the designers are using the latest technology and innovative approach. In a nutshell, we can say that this is no more a child’s play.

The website is said to be interactive if it has the potential to engage the clients and to convert them into potential buyers. In order to make engagements, it is necessary that your website should mark an indelible imprint on the visitors. The fascinating things have always attracted the human beings. So, it is the call of the hour to have impressive designs on the web.

How to attain this objective?

As an experienced designer, I would love to follow the middle path approach. What is this middle path? This is the approach to take designing as half art and half science. Let me discuss some of the things which help in making you an interactive website.

Theme: The theme should match the business line. This is certainly a very important step as the whole of the designing is concentrated around this.

Homepage: This is the main page of your website. It is necessary to decorate with impressive infographics. According to the philosophy, if your website is appealing, look wise and feel wise, then the visitors will spend more time on this. The more time they spend on the website, more will be the chances of the conversion. You should use attractive banners and images in order to make your homepage more attractive.

Logo: The logo is a very important part of any website. It should be made in the sync of the business line. You should design it so that it can easily manifest your business. This will offer good impression on the buyers.

Let me discuss the technical aspect of designing. The buyers don’t have much time. They need flexibility in the navigation. So, these aspects should be handled in the technical manner as these are related to the functionality.

Go Responsive: Choose the responsive template or theme. These are mobile friendly templates and adapt the size of the screen. Most of the people are using mobile gadgets to browse the internet. So, responsive websites offer amazing browsing experience to the users on the mobile gadgets.

Easy Navigation: You should provide links so that buyers can easily navigate from one web-page to other. If they find any problem in moving from one page to another, then they will navigate to some other website.